CO & NO2 Detection

About our CO & NO2 Detection Services

In parking structures, Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) are two of the most abundant airborne contaminants and poses significant safety concerns. The CO and NO2 levels must be controlled or ventilated when concentrations approach unsafe levels.

CO & NO2 Detection Solutions:

  • ➤ Parking Structures

  • ➤ Constant Supervision of Toxic Gas Levels

  • ➤ Automatic Fan Control

  • ➤ Alarm Activation & Evacuation Sequence

In any facility where people are working or the public and tenants may be active, there must be due diligence on the part of the owner to assure a safe breathing environment.

To provide fresh air in a facility where vehicles are present, a pre-determined air change per hour is required. This can be expensive for a number of reasons; The electrical energy required to run the fans can be high, and the fans run continuously which incurs wear and shortens motor life.

A gas monitoring system for CO & NO2 ensures that there is no present threat from high concentrations of dangerous gases, and can cut down on electrical costs in your facility by automating operation of exhaust fans. Contact us today to find out how we can help install a CO & NO2 monitoring system for your business today!

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