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What should I do if my system isn't working properly?

Call Metro Dade at (305) 235-2390. We will be happy to assist you with any service related issues. If necessary we will send one of our technicians to service your equipment.

What do I do if my alarm is beeping or displaying an alert that I don't understand?

Call Metro Dade at (305) 235-2390, we will be happy to assist you in interpreting the alert and dispatch a technician to service the panel if needed.

When do the batteries need replacement?

The system batteries are rechargeable and kept charged automatically. When replacing batteries you MUST USE equal size or larger. Call Metro Dade to have a technician stop by and replace them.

What does it mean if my panel shows battery fault?

The batteries must be checked for a loose connection and/or be replaced and dated.

Why is my alarm false alarming?

The most common cause of false alarm is due to a sensor not performing to its required specifications. We can assist you with repair or replacement to prevent reoccurence.

Will my system work when the power goes off?

Your system has its own battery backup. This battery is capable of sustaining normal operation for several hours. The batteries will recharge automatically once power is restored and it's status is constantly monitored.

How do I reset the panel?

On your panel there should be a reset button, hold that down for about 3 seconds and your panel should be reset.

Is there a silence button on the panel?

Some panels have a silence button directly on the panel. If there is a trouble signal on the panel, the system can be temporarily silenced by checking the trouble. Call us to find out if your panel needs to be serviced for the trouble condition.

What do I do if my alarm is constantly beeping?

Your alarm may be showing a trouble or supervisory condition. Call Metro Dade and we can help you interpret the condition of your panel and determine if you need to have your system serviced.

How do I test my alarm?

Call Metro Dade at (305) 235-2390 during our office hours (7:30am-4:00pm) and we can have your account placed on test.

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