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A deliberate action of the panel operator to confirm that a message or event indicator has been seen.


A list of outputs to be activated and functions to be performed by the system. Actions may be called as a result of the activation of an input (alarm, supervisory, monitor, or security), by other actions, time controls, or logic functions. Actions may be enabled/disabled by other actions.


To turn on an output or function.


A binary/hexadecimal/decimal number that uniquely identifies a specific device, module, or power supply.

Addressable Device

Devices that are capable of being uniquely identified by a control unit and which can provide alarm, trouble, output, and control indications.

Addressable Loop

A circuit of addressable devices (alarm, supervisory, monitor, output or relay) or input/output panels reporting to a single loop controller.

Addressable System

System that uses a digital communications method whereby a control unit (Loop Controller) can identify a specific initiating device that is sending a signal, or send control messages to specific devices for output or control purposes.

Addressable Zone Module

An addressable device which acts as a transponder for one or more smoke detectors, manual stations or other conventional alarm devices so that an area may be identified by activation of any one device connected to the addressable zone module.

Agency Listings and Approvals

System equipment and operation must conform to the standards set out by te local Authority Having Jurisdiction, as detailed by the applicable standards/approvals agency.


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