Jul 9, 2020

Edwards recalls heat detectors due to “potential failure to operate”

National fire alarm supplier Edwards recalled about 85,000 heat detectors on June 17, 2020 after identifying they may fail to activate in response to rising temperatures. The recall includes Edwards’ 280 Series Mechanical Heat Detectors which were sold from January 1979 to May 2019.

All fire alarm systems with these heat detectors installed now face a huge risk as a detector that fails to work as intended will not send a signal to the fire alarm panel or monitoring station in the event of a fire.

Though heat detectors are not considered “life-safety” devices and are primarily meant for the protection of property, they are an essential part of any fire alarm system. Heat detectors have many applications in a commercial life-safety system including being used to shutdown elevators in the event of a fire, and for protection in areas where a smoke detector would not be suitable, such as kitchens and garages.

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